June 9, 2009 - Wendy Made It In!

Dear Friends,
A quick note to let you know that Arla and I arrived safely in Israel last night. We sailed through Ben Gurion Airport without a hitch. Apparently my two years of worring was for naught. Alhamdullalah! We stayed in Jerusalem last night and are now on the way to Deir Ibzi'a where we will meet with the scholarship students and embroidery womyn and get an update on the status of the computer center. Also, I am looking forward to spending time with my friend Deeb and his family.

We plan on getting to the IWPS house on Thursday night. I just saw in my email that a non-violent Palestinian protester was killed last Friday in Nilin and IWPS issued another human rights report that settlers had attacked a Palestinian vehicle and set fire to Palestinian land. I guess I won't have to worry that there will be nothing for me to do thanks to the army and settlers.


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