May 25, 2009 - Wendy is going to Palestine (again)

Dear friends,
Soon I will be leaving to travel to Palestine once again as an international human rights volunteer. I will be working for the International Women's Peace Service (IWPS - in Hares, a village in the northern part of the West Bank. IWPS provides international accompaniment to Palestinian civilians, documents and nonviolently intervenes in human rights abuses, and supports Palestinians in their nonviolent resistance to end the illegal Apartheid Wall and the brutal Israeli military occupation.

As Tanya Reinhart (Israeli academic) said before she died, it is crucial for internationals to join Palestinians on the ground defending their land. Although the situation only gets worse with more and more land theft, I cannot help but to hold on to hope.

For an interesting recent article about land theft (aka settlements) see Max Blumenthal's "Netanyahu's West Bank Nightmare"

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