Sent to friends on Sept 5, 2012

Dear Friends,
It is with great sorrow that I write to tell you that upon my arrival at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv I was denied entry, detained and deported. So I will not be painting murals with communities in Hebron, Nablus and Jenin. I will not be biking from Jenin through the Jordan Valley to the south Hebron hills. And most painful of all, I will not be reunited with my dear friends in Deir Ibzi'a or see my friend Neta’s new baby in Tel Aviv.

I am just one of thousands of non-violent activists that have been denied entry. Israel perceives us as dangerous. In fact, we are. The most serious threat to Israel's security is having the truth of its cruel, brutal occupation and apartheid system exposed to the world.

Although my disappointment and sadness is vast, I know that it pales in comparison to what Palestinians endure. An example of graffiti on the walls of my cell in the detention center:

I came to the holy land to spend the holy month of Ramadan with my family. Instead I was separated from my three younger sisters and deported. My crime? I am Palestinian!
– Haneen June 2012

The real work for a free Palestine lies in changing U.S. policy. I will not cease my efforts in this pursuit. And the Friends of Deir Ibzi’a will continue to support the steadfast resistance in Palestine by supporting people to merely live their lives: We will continue to sponsor scholarships for students and buy embroidery from the womyn in Deir Ibzi’a.


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