July 8, 2007 Debke!

Dear friends and family,

I am off to Nablus tomorrow for a tree planting action near the tiny village of Yanoun. Yanoun is a village that in 2004 was terrorized by settlers from Itmar settlement to the point of fleeing their homes. They came back only with the accompaniment of Internationals who have committed themselves to a permanent presence in the village. One village womyn told them, “If you ever leave one morning, I will leave that very afternoon.” Perhaps you remember that I did a stint there in 2005 and met some really amazing older womyn who ran a store next to the “International House”. The ISM coordinator who asked us to come told us that they don’t know what to expect although attack dogs and knives were mentioned. I’ll probably be there at least 2 days so I’ll write when I get back.

In the meantime and on a much lighter and joyful note, I attended a Debke festival tonight. Debke is traditional Palestinian folk dancing. There are not many words I need to write about it except to say check out the pictures and I wish I knew how to put the videos on my blog.



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Deacon Jackson said...

What beautiful pictures, Wendy!
And wow are you up early.

Start by uploading your videos to GoogleVideo: