June 16, 2007 We got through the border!

Dear friends and family,

With much relief I can report that Mary and I made it through the border and into Israel this morning. Al hamdulallah! (Thank God.)

Although they held Mary up for about 1/2 hour they didn't ask either of us any serious questions. I have to say that although I am immensely relieved and grateful, I also have other contradictory feelings. Regret that I didn't get to utilize our many hours of strategizing. Disappointment that I missed out on the fun of sparring with the interrogator. Insult that they don't perceive us as threats.

We will be visiting in Deir Ibzi'a for a few days, meeting with the scholarship students and the embroidery womyn. Then off to the IWPS house in Hares on Wednesday.

Love, Wendy

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